Track Your Metrics Efficiently 📈

Aggregate metrics and data from everywhere into a single dashboard, accessible from anywhere. No code, no config.

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Dashboard in Chrome

Screenshot 📸

Take a screenshot of your data from Stripe, Paddle, Google Analytics, Twitter or any other view. It will embed that content into your dashboard to display a live preview.

Dashboard 📈

Find all your screenshots in the same place, and keep track of what matters to you.

Easy to Share 🎉

Once you finally reached that milestone, don't be shy hit that share button. It will frame your data and let you share it proudly and nicely !

Fast to setup 🚀

No need to give authorization, API access, link accounts or whatever. Everything can be added to your dashboard with a simple screenshot. But it's a live screenshot, always up to date. Perfect to track:

  • Post engagement
  • Revenue charts
  • Google Sheet view
  • Anything you check regularly!
Dashboard extension demo Take live screenshot

Check out your dashboard from anywhere 🌟

Dashboards are available in a popup and can be viewed from anywhere in just one click. No need to open a new tab constantly and hit than CMD+R command.

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Share your achievements! 🎉

Growing revenue and crazy charts are cool, but better to celebrate with your community!

Edit and share your screenshots in 2 click.